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        Welcome to Small Treasuresblack baby angel
My story started 23 years ago when I gave birth to my daughter.
I wanted so much give her the best.But it wasn't in the cards.
We had to live within our means.So when she broke a doll what was I suppose to do?Throw it away and break her heart or figure out a way to fix it?Believe it or not I got good at it!!
I taught myself how to repair them.She needed clothes for them.Couldn't find them or when I did they wre out of budget!
I cannot afford to buy fabric so I recycled old clothes.
She had the best looking dolls in Delaware!!
Now,understand I did not have a sewing machine!!
A needle and thread will do!LOL
All the outfits were hand-stitch.Now,I don't have to do that,but I still love that personal touch and detail.
I try to give ALL my babies that tender loving care.
So when I tell people if you believe in yourself,you can do anything!!
Hard work and endurance is the way it has to be!!
Please don't get discourage when you are not getting a break.
Take this time to regroup and plan,look at this it as your down time.Remember nothing good comes easy!!
Why Reborn?
I love babies!!
Reborns are like perfect angel.
You can do so much with them.
My Reborns are usaully dressed in delicate fabric.
You can't do that with a real baby.
When I choose a sculpt I look for very fine details.The more the better!! My personal favorite Reborn artist is Val Shelton!! She is the BEST in my opinion.Her details are one of the best, I've ever worked with.Her attention to detail is incredible!!
When I Reborn one of her babies it takes me back.
When my children were babies.It takes me hours to paint every cease and all of the wrinkles.I have a wonderful time.
When I start I never know what my Reborns will look like.
With their tiny cherub like faces.Tiny little fingers and toes they really takes me back.
Let me ask you a question.
How many times have you stopped to look at a baby?
Probably many times.
Babies make us smile!!
Reborns will do just that!! MAKE YOU SMILE!!
Realistic Babies!!
These Reborns will warm your heart.
So stop just looking at them get a Reborn of your very own.
Remember Reborns are Forever babies!!
Now when you see the word Reborn, you now know what it is.
So if you want to Reborn a doll yourself?
Or just collected them, at least you know what they are.
So if you have any questions about what we do?Any question on our Reborns.Please feel free to contact us.Our store hour on-line is 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story!!
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