Reborns,preemie reborns, preemie reborn baby clothes,Custom handmade clothes for American Girl Dolls!!We also have some Syndee dolls parts and so much more!!

Syndee's Old World Mrs. Santa $15.00 - Create your very own heirloom with Mrs.Santa!!
Syndee Monique Youth doll kit!! $40.00 - Create your very own heirloom with these beautiful parts!!
Syndee Ethnic Large baby doll limbs $25.00 - Create your own heirloom!! With these wonderful Syndee Craft Doll parts!!
Syndee'S Babies Collector'S book $15.00 - Syndee's Babies consist of 12 darling doll patterns!! This book is in PERFECT shape!! If you're a Syndee lover than you know the book!! This is a rare find!!
Syndee Kari 18 $40.00 - Create your very own heirloom!! With this beautiful kit!!
Syndee's"Dooley" Elf kit $10.00 - Create your very own heirloom!!Quick and Easy to make 12" Elves or Leprechauns!!
Curly Dark Brown wig $10.00 - This wig will fit small to medium dolls!!
Black w/2 curly pigtails $8.00 - This little wig is adorable!! It will fit the 24" youth dolls!!
Syndee's ethnic 24"Ashley head $10.00 - This Syndee's Ethnic 24" head of Ashley!! She has a beautiful little face. She's one of my favorite!!
Syndee 18" Monique Head Red hair $10.00 - This head is for an 18" Syndee youth doll set!! Monique has beautiful long red hair!! She is a rare find!!

Syndee's Playtime for 3 sizes
$10.00 - Created your own heirloom!!Perfect uncut pattern for small,medium and large baby dolls!!

The Art of Newborning III
$12.50 - Learn the hand rooting technique for reborning dolls!!

Syndee's "Victoria" Dress Pattern
$10.00 - Create your very own heirloom with this beautiful vintage dress pattern!! This is one of my favorite pattern!!

Medium size full wig(Black)
$7.00 - This a medium size full wig!! It will fit 14"-16" baby dolls!!

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